Over time most metals develop surface patina, adding to the character of the item. This will develop differently dependent on the items use and environment.

To delay the process avoid applying creams, perfumes and soaps when wearing, and keep away from moisture. When not in use items should be stored in a clean, dry environment, away from other sharp objects that may cause scratching to the surface.

Most of our items are functional and made for daily wear, however extra care should be taken with stone set jewellery when carrying out tasks (such as the use of cleaning products or showering) that may scratch, damage or dislodge the stone.

To reverse tarnishing jewellery may be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth and polish of your choice, always follow instructions on individual packaging and avoid stones when polishing.



Some of our items are more delicate than others, we offer a repairs service for damage occurred over time/through extensive wear/neglect. This service incurs a small fee negotiable on enquiry.