Produced in my Glasgow studio through the use of traditional dying processes, single use casting methods and hand forming techniques. Developed as a seasonless collection that inhabits the space between traditional craft processes and simple considered design objects for modern daily wear. 

Hand carved originals reference formal and familiar styles that hold value, often in relation to social hierarchy and family heritage. Reappropriated and devoid of engravings, crests and precious stones, instead each item maintains individual marks and indentations as an indication of its production and as a testament to the hand making process. 

Composed of recycled sterling silver each item will continue to gain marks and patina individual to the tasks carried out by the owner, building a continuous dialogue between maker, wearer and object.

*Recycled metal is used where possible. Other materials are either second-hand or ethically sourced. Packaging is 100% recycled.

Please feel free to contact me for commissions, variations and collaborations.